Godspeed Services International, Inc.


Godspeed Services is a faith-based organization offering help to intercultural workers who are hampered by emotional, situational or physical stresses. The goal of Godspeed Services is to address these stressors so that workers are enabled to fulfill their purpose and calling.


Godspeed Resources Connection
On January 1, 2015, Godspeed Services and MRC will be joining together! Our new name is Godspeed Resources Connection. Combining the two organizations into one strengthens us by eliminating redundancies of service and providing improved comprehensive care for those we serve. Please be on the lookout for our new website at www.godspeedresources.org for more information about our combined services for intercultural workers.

Godspeed Services offers pastoral care, clinical counseling, and debriefing for intercultural workers at our home office in Columbia, South Carolina. Referrals are also available for care in the United States and internationally.

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